Crunchy munchy Chinese with sesame seeds

Crunchy munchy Chinese with sesame seeds

Popular Indo Chinese foods include Noodles, dry Manchurian, fried rice and other fried snacks like crispy chilli babycorn, recipes that use schezwan sauces etc. With toasted sesame seeds, one can add crunch, munch and nutrition to these Indian style Chinese cuisine.

Traditionally, sesame seeds have been used heavily in Chinese cooking in the form of sesame oil, toasted white and black sesame seeds for garnishing, topping and frying. Because of its nutty flavor, sesame can add a zing to the usually bland taste of flour items like noodles, rice and dumplings.

When you make Chinese dishes, you can simply sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on to your noodles, Manchurian balls, mix it with schezwan sauce and garnish your fritters with white sesame seeds or black sesame seeds for added flavor, colour and nutrients.

For non-veg dishes, you can grind sesame seeds to a fine paste and use it as marinade, mix it in batter, use as filling or simply garnish for that sweet and sour taste.

A lot of sweet bakery items also use sesame are covering for added taste, golden colour and nutrition.

Lightly toasted sesame seeds are easy to prepare. Though, you can get it from market but you can make some fresh right at your home. Simply take a pan, and put some white sesame seeds or black sesame seeds on the hot pan and let them splutter. Keep shaking the pan so that the seeds get roasted evenly from both sides. Enjoy the spluttering music meanwhile.

While using sesame, remember to store an open packet in refrigerator. As sesame is high in oil, it’s best preserved for months when refrigerated. Sesame is high in calcium, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids etc. and it adds both nutrition, texture, look and zing to your cooking.

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