Sesame – Small seeds with large benefits

Sesame seeds might look small but this is a powerful food with large health benefits. Here are some health benefits of Sesame seeds that you didn’t know before:

Anti Inflammatory Properties:

Roasted and powdered sesame seeds have shown Anti inflammatory properties in osteoarthritis patients. About 4 tablespoons of roasted sesame seeds in whole form or powdered form can start showing pain relief if continued as supplemental food for nearly two months. It also eases stomach pain and gastric complications. Due to its richness in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and others, it helps maintain bone health.

Anti diabetic properties:

Sesame oil/ sesame seeds if consumed for over two months help to lower blood sugar. Its insulin binding properties help to maintain optimal blood glucose levels and lower risks related to diabetes.

Blood pressure lowering properties:

Sesame seeds particularly, black sesame seeds can help in lowering blood pressure if consumed for more than two months at-least. It is effective in lowering systolic blood pressure in particular and is beneficial for
pre-hypertensive patients also.

Maintaining Oral Health:

Sesame seeds have both antibiotic and astringent effect on the mucous of the mouth. Sesame oil nutrients helps clean the plaque deposited on the teeth and also whitens the teeth. In that sense, sesame seeds can be used as a mouth freshener also alone or in combination with other mouth freshener ingredients.

Aids in digestion:

Sesame seeds is high in fiber. It helps smooth bowel movement and hence aids in digestion. It is very useful for patients who are suffering from constipation.

For healthy skin and hair:

Sesame oil helps maintain lustrous hair and shiny skin. Sesame is a healthy and affordable natural ingredient that maintains healthy scalp, aids in growth of healthy tissues and hair.

Because of its numerous health benefits, Sesame oil and sesame seeds are a sought after healthy and delicious food supplement that can be consumed in various ways.

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