Refined Sesame Oil


Choosing the right cooking oil can give you the best benefits in terms of taste, texture and nutrition. the cooking oil that you select can have tremendous impact on your family’s health and fitness levels.

BNB Refined Sesame Oil is an edible oil that has a very light colour and a neutral flavour. It is thus ideal for cooking. Refined sesame oil has higher smoke point than other oils which makes it not only good for stir frying but also deep frying.

In many countries, refined sesame oil is known as ‘light coloured sesame oil’, and is a preferred cooking medium in many countries including Ethiopia, Iran, Japan and India.

Physical Characteristics

Colour in a 1″ cell on the Lovibond Scale expressed as Y + 5R, Not deeper than : 5.0 Units
Appearance Light, clear
Moisture and insoluble impurities percentage by weight / max 0.10
Refractive Index @ 40°C 1.4645 – 1.4665
Specific Gravity @ 30/30°C 0.915 – 0.919
Saponification value 188 – 193
Iodine value 105 – 115
Free fatty acid in percentage Max 0.10
Unsaponifiable matter percentage by weight Max. 1.5


C16:0 (Palmitic Acid) : 7 – 12 %
C18:0 (Stearic Acid) : 3.5 – 6.8%
C18:1 (Oleic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:2 (Linolenic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:3 (Linoleic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:0 (Arachic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:1 (Gadoleic Acid) 0.5% max


500 ml 1 Ltr 5 Lts