Virgin Black Sesame Oil Cold Pressed

Virgin Black Oil Cold pressed

BNB Virgin Black Sesame Oil is extracted from the cold pressing of black sesame seeds. It is particularly known for its rich nutty flavour. An excellent source of Vitamin E and beneficial minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium, black sesame oil is highly recommended for skin and hair care. It is also good for the growth and strengthening of bones in infants.

Virgin Black Sesame Oil is the perfect massage oil. It helps strengthen and balance the body, improves circulation and nourishes skin, thereby contributing to the elimination of toxins and having a rejuvenating effect on the body.

It is highly preferred as a hair oil. It helps to reduce hair fall, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and helps maintain in a soft healthy scalp. Virgin Black Sesame Oil helps to keep hair nourished so it looks lively and healthy.

Oil pulling (i.e. use as a mouthwash) with black sesame oil is excellent for oral health which also helps to strengthen gums.

It contains the essential nutrients that make it a good moisturiser, and it is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Physical Characteristics

Colour in a ¼” cell on the Lovibond Scale expressed as Y + 5R, Not deeper than : 8.0 Units
Appearance Light, clear
Moisture and insoluble impurities percentage by weight / max. 0.25
Refractive Index @ 40°C 1.4645 – 1.4665
Specific Gravity @ 30/30°C 0.915 – 0.919
Saponification value 188 – 193
Iodine value 105 – 115
Free fatty acid in percentage Max 4.0
Unsaponifiable matter percentage by weight Max. 1.5


C16:0 (Palmitic Acid) : 7 – 12 %
C18:0 (Stearic Acid) : 3.5 – 6.1%
C18:1 (Oleic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:2 (Linoleic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:3 (Linolenic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:0 (Arachic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:1 (Gadoleic Acid) 0.5% max


500 ml