Virgin Sesame Oil Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Virgin Sesame oil

BNB Virgin Sesame Oil is a 100% pure, unrefined edible oil extracted from the first cold pressing of the highest quality white sesame seeds. being lightly filtered, it retains sesame’s aroma, rich flavour and nutrients. A very versatile oil, it is used in the food industry as well as in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Owing to its countless qualities, it is known as the ‘Queen of Oils’.

In ancient Chinese tradition, sesame oil is called “Long Life Oil”, because it was believed to have anti-aging effects. Consumption of sesame oil helps to fight cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease. Virgin sesame oil is a multi-purpose oil, and can belong in your kitchen and be used for massage therapy.

In Indian culture, Virgin sesame oil is extensively used, where it is considered sacred and ideal as a lamp oil. It is the traditional oil for temples. it is also popularly known as ‘Gingelly Oil’ in South India and ‘Til Ka Tel’ in other parts of the country.

Sesame oil massage therapy is an important part of Ayurveda. It is rightly called the ‘King of Ayurveda’ because of its numerous benefits. It helps strengthen and balance the body, improves circulation and nourishes the skin, thereby contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body. It also recommended for oil pulling (i.e. Mouthwash) for oral care.

Physical Characteristics

Colour in a ¼ cell on the Lovibond Scale expressed as Y + 5R, Not deeper than : 8.0 Units
Appearance Light, clear
Moisture and insoluble impurities percentage by weight / max 0.25
Refractive Index @ 40°C 1.4645 – 1.4665
Specific Gravity @ 30/30°C 0.915 – 0.919
Saponification value 188 – 193
Iodine value 105 – 115
Free fatty acid in percentage Max 2.0


C16:0 (Palmitic Acid) : 7 – 12 %
C18:0 (Stearic Acid) : 3.5 – 6.1%
C18:1 (Oleic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:2 (Linolenic Acid) : 35 – 50%
C18:3 (Linoleic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:0 (Arachic Acid) : 1.0% max
C20:1 (Gadoleic Acid) 0.5% max
C20:1 (Behenic Acid) 0.5% max
C20:1 (Erucic Acid) Not Detected


500 ml