Simple sesame seed recipes

Sesame seeds though small and with slightly crass taste is a classic topping that can add a refreshing twist to everyday recipes. Here are some recipes that you can add roasted sesame seeds to add flavor, nutrients and crunch.

Til Ke Laddoo ( Roasted sesame and jaggery sweet dish)

Roast sesame seeds on slow heat and when they start spluttering add equal portion of jaggery to it. When jaggery melts mix them both well. When this batter cools down significantly, use your hands to roll them into small balls. If you are short of time, you can simply grind roasted sesame seeds and add grated jaggery to it. You simple, nutritious, omega rich and tasty nutritional supplement is ready to eat.

Til wale Aloo ( Roasted sesame dressing on Cooked potatoes

Make any dry potato dish and simply sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds on the ready potato dish for garnishing. It adds a nutty flavor to the dish and it looks different as well.

Til wale Dhokle ( Roasted sesame seeds as tempering)

Sesame seeds can be used as and with tempering on many Asian dishes especially on Chinese and Indian foods. You can use it to garnish dhoklas, fried idli’s, any puffed rice preparation and noodles.

Dry Til Chutney (Roasted til with spices)

Dry roast Sesame seeds with dried red chilli, some cumin seeds and grated fresh ginger. Add salt to taste. When roasted, grind this dry mixture coarsely and store in a air tight container. You can use this healthy, tasty and spicy dry powder along with any meal to enhance taste and maintain health. Sesame seed are rich in nutrients and iron, ginger is good for  hroat and chilli adds taste to this dry powder.

Til mouth freshner

Dry roast fennel seeds and sesame seeds in equal quantities. You can add some black sesame seeds also to this. Add some salt if you want. Cool the misture and store in an air tight container. Use as mouth freshner after meals. This sesame and fennel mouth freshner aids in digestion and also maintains oral hygiene by inhibiting bacterial growth.

Til salad dressing ( Sesame seed salad dressing)

You can sprinkle roasted white and black sesame seeds to salads to add crunch, flavor and enhance its nutritional value.

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