• May 8, 2023
  • Sangeeta Ganguly



Is my immune system weak?

Ever since the covid pandemic hit the globe this has been a pertinent question plaguing the masses that fear falling prey to this deadly disease. A delicate immune system can be a cause for worry as it compromises our body’s ability to defend itself against invaders such as harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. 
So what constitutes this line of defense?
It is a complex network that includes a wide range of body parts – white blood cells, the spleen, the bone marrow, the lymph nodes, and the thymus. All these parts work in close coordination to protect the body whenever it senses an attack from outside. 
Signs of poor immunity
Various causes like genetic disorders, malnutrition, certain diseases, pollution, etc can cause disorders of the immune system. This problem can be manifested by the following symptoms
· Frequent infections
· Persistent cold 
· Wounds healing slowly
· Fatigue
· Digestion problems and many more
Thus, the need of the hour is to find a way to enforce the defense mechanism of our body. This can be done by adhering to certain guidelines given below -
Having a healthy diet
Exercising regularly
Adequate sleep
Minimizing stress etc

Let us today focus on food that builds up a strong immune system
To boost immunity it is best to have a diet that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These are all essential for the maintenance of our body and preventing it from free radicals that cause cell damage.
The Power of Sesame 

Now there is something that is readily available at hand which possesses all these nutrients and much more. Yes, I am referring to sesame which surely can be found in some corner of your kitchen. These small, nutty-flavored seeds can be eaten raw or cooked and provide immense health benefits. The following paragraphs will tell you what it contains and how they help in keeping our body fit and strong,
It is an essential element that strengthens our immune system and sesame seeds provide 70% of the daily dose required by our body. It helps activate T cells, which control and regulate our immune response and attack and destroy infected cells. Zinc is especially good at boosting antiviral immunity. Thus, it prevents us from the common cold, Hepatitis C, and even HIV to a great extent.
100 gms of sesame contains 47.2% fiber. Intake of fiber is crucial for maintaining our dietary system. It helps regulate bowel movement and enhances gastrointestinal health. They also can reduce the risk of colon cancer. They aid in maintaining mucosal lining protecting the gastrointestinal wall thereby preventing ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and Crohn’s disease.  
Vitamin E
The presence of this vitamin in both black and white sesame makes it a powerful antioxidant that immunizes the body against a plethora of microbial infections. It shields the body cells against damage caused by free radicals thus reducing the risk of various types of cancer in the lungs, stomach, and prostate glands. It also prevents clots from forming in arteries thereby reducing the chances of heart disease.
Proteins help in the formation of antibodies that protect the body against harmful bacteria and viruses. These antibodies identify the invaders as antigens and single them out for termination. The antibodies bind to the antigens and destroy them, quickly. The cells producing these antibodies store the memory forever thus enabling the body to respond fast when attacked by these intruders the next time. 
These nutty-flavored seeds have amazing antioxidants that prevent the buildup of oxidative stress that might have a devastating impact on our bodies. Sesamin, a powerful antioxidant present in sesame, possesses the ability to protect the liver from oxidative damage. In addition, the compound called, sesamol, has an anti-inflammatory property that reduces the formation of lesions on arterial walls thus improving cardiovascular health. It also protects the body from radiation damage. 
So now we can conclude by breathing a sigh of relief that building a strong immunity is not illusive or unachievable. We just have to reach out and munch a little amount of these seeds every day. Don’t have it? What are you waiting for go get it……

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