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Traditional Way Of Making Hummus

Traditional Way Of Making Hummus


Hummus is a traditional dip popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean. It is a spread or dip made using chickpeas that are cooked, mashed and blended with lemon juice, garlic and Tahini. Tahini being the major ingredient in Hummus is important. It is more of a condiment made using sesame seeds. When all these ingredients come together they make for a rich, creamy and mouth watering dip that is served with pita chips, bread and vegetables.

Hummus can be found in most grocery stores in Europe and North America. It is also found in most restaurants that serves Middle Eastern cuisine across the world. These days you can also buy hummus online. However, if you want to experience the taste of traditional Hummus then you should stop getting yourself store bought hummus and  tryto make it yourself instead. This way you will be able to enjoy traditional, healthy homemade Hummus like you have experienced never before.

To make Homemade traditional Hummus, you will have to get all the ingredients first. You will need the following ingredients:

Ingredients for Hummus-
  • 1 to 2 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 3 cups (200grams) cooked  quality chickpeas
  • Olive oil
  • 1/3 cup (79 grams) Tahini
  • Salt to taste
Make sure you get all the ingredients ready before hand. You will have to get store bought Tahini, or you will have to make your own. It is not very difficult to make Tahini in order to make it you will need the following ingredients–
  • Sesame seeds
  • Oil (you can use any oil you can try virgin sesame oil or olive oil)
  • Salt (Optional)
Process to make Tahini: 
Grind all the good quality sesame seeds in a processor with oil until it is smooth in consistency. You can choose the consistency you want to go for when making Tahini. However the smoother the paste the better it is.

You can store this Tahini in the refrigerator for a month by keeping it covered. You might find that the Tahini separates like any other nut butter, if this happens then simply stir it before using.

Now that you know all about Tahini and you have all the ingredients ready for the hummus, let’s start making our traditional dip.

Process to make Traditional Hummus:
Add the garlic in the food processor and then add the chickpeas. Blend it together into a paste. Then pour the other ingredients like lemon juice, virgin sesame oil or olive oil, tahini and salt. Blend it again until it is creamy and smooth.

Voila, your Hummus is ready! To serve it, pour the Hummus in a bowl and pour ¼ cup of virgin sesame oil or olive oil on it. Invite friends, and family members and serve this delicious dip with some Pita chips and bread. Hummus and pita go very well together.
So, surprise everybody around you by serving them this traditional and delicious hummus and enjoy each others company and the easy to make dip together.

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