Sesame Seeds & Good Health

Sesame seeds & good health

Sesame seeds have tremendous health benefits. These tiny little seeds are packed with loads of essential nutrients, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Let’s take a deeper look into the health benefits of sesame seeds:


1.Sesame seeds prevents cancer

Sesame seeds are loaded with Phylate, phytosterols and magnesium. Both of these components have anti-cancer properties. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2012 emphasised that if a person regularly takes at least 100 gramme of magnesium, his/her risks of developing colorectal tumour decreases by 13%. With regular intake of magnesium, the chances of colorectal cancer also reduce by 12%. If you are looking forward to buying sesame seeds, consider products from BNB exports. We are one of the largest sesame seed exporters in India.

2.Protects the DNA from Radiation Damage

Sesame oil protects your DNA when exposed to harmful radiation. It contains Sesamol, an essential dietary phytochemical. A study published in Environmental Toxicology Pharmacology suggests that the antioxidant properties of Sesamol are extremely beneficial in preventing radiation-induced damage to the DNA.

3.Prevents diabetes

Consuming sesame seeds help in preventing diabetes. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011 mentions that consuming sesame seeds regularly improve the efficacy of the antidiabetic drug Glibenclamide. Moreover, higher magnesium levels in Sesame seeds also prevent Type 2 diabetes.

4.Improves Heart Health

Sesame Seeds is extremely beneficial in boosting your heart’s health. It helps prevent atherosclerotic lesions. Sesame seeds are packed with Sesamol, an antioxidant. Along with anti-inflammatory properties, sesamol also has anti-atherogenic properties. Not only has that, sesame seeds also contain a number of pharmacologically active properties. It helps in improving your cardiovascular health.

5.It reduces Blood Pressure

Sesame oil work wonders when it comes to reducing blood pressure. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2006 found that sesame seeds contain a high amount of magnesium. This helps in lowering high blood pressure in hypertensive diabetic patients. Moreover, it also controls your plasma glucose levels.

Hopefully, these pointers will help you gain an idea about the tremendous health benefits of sesame oil.

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